About Us

Fedowar press was opened on November 12, 2020, with the purpose of publishing quality fiction. This includes, but is not limited to, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, and all subgenres within.

We believe in the power of storytelling. While we specialize in the areas of speculative fiction, we refuse to be bound by genre. We want our stories to tap into the soul of the storyteller and their audience, without being restricted by the rules of genre.

Are you an author wanting to know more? Please see our page on working with Fedowar Press.


D.W. Hitz
Founder, EIC, and CEO

D.W. Hitz

D.W. Hitz is the founder, Editor in Chief, and CEO of Fedowar Press.

Dustin “D. W.” Hitz is originally from Norfolk, VA. He has degrees in Recording Arts and Web Design and Interactive Media and currently works in Web Development in Montana, USA.

Dustin has been a creative his entire life. This creativity has driven him in digital music, web design and development, and creative writing. In 2005, Dustin wrote his first novel, and continues working in Adult and Middle Grade Speculative Fiction.

More information on D.W. can be found on his website.


Renée Gendron
Structural Editor & Proofreader

Renée Gendron

Renée is a contributor to A Muse Bouche Review. She’s been involved in writing for over 10 years. She extends structural edits and specializes in stories with romantic arcs.

More information on Renée can be found on her website.