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They Stole the Earth! cover

They Stole the Earth!

by D.W. Hitz

Genre: Middle Grade Sci-Fi Adventure
Available: 4/12/2021
Bruce, 11, and sister Lindy, 9, show up to school on a warm Spring morning. They discover that friendly aliens have arrived on Earth. Unfortunately, at lunch, things go awry when all of their classmates freeze in place (more…)

coming soon

Star Crossed

Edited by Renée Gendron

Genre: Adult Science Fiction / Romance Anthology
Available: Spring 2021
An anthology of romantic science fiction inspired by a common theme of space, imagination, and connection. (more…)

coming soon

Merry Scary Christmas

by Coming Soon

Genre: Adult Speculative Fiction / Horror Anthology
Available: Fall 2021
An anthology of creepy Christmas stories, Hanukkah horrors, New Year’s Eve Evils, with a dose of speculative fiction tossed in.

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