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Gerri R. Gray

Gerri R. Gray

Gerri R. Gray is an American novelist, editor, poet, and short story writer in the horror and dark humor genres. She is the author of ten published books, including her popular debut novel, The Amnesia Girl! (HellBound Books). Her work has appeared in numerous anthologies and literary journals. A part-time antique dealer and former B&B proprietor, Gerri lives in upstate New York in an historic and decidedly haunted nineteenth-century house with her husband and a bevy of spirits.

When she isn’t busy creating strange worlds filled with even stranger characters, she can often be found rummaging through antique shops, exploring haunted places, dabbling in the occult or traipsing through old cemeteries with her camera in hand.

Gerri R. Gray is a contributor to Camp Slasher Lake.

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