Call for submissions! Xonthian

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Call for submissions!

Fedowar Press is opening submissions for a shared-world Sword and Sorcery anthology based on Xonthian, a universe created by Daniel Dickinson. This is a world of magic and warriors with all the races you love:

The world of Xonthian is thick with diversity and rich in history. From Xonthian City, where humans live their lives in a large city while the outskirts have some of the land’s richest crops and farms. Or the island of Juan’kij, where the elves have secluded themselves in the forests of Timilik. The Dwarves living peacefully under the Shadow Mountains, and the Atticatten, who have hidden away on the easternmost peninsula of Xecutran. Where Orcs, Ogres and evil races who live in long-forgotten jungles and swamps, or in the shadows of lost civilizations. To the undiscovered lands of the east, where magic, sword, and gunslingers travel desert vistas.

This anthology is expected to release in mid-2023. Submissions will be accepted until October 31, 2022.


  • Suggested Length: Between 7.5k and 15k words
  • Region: Can take place anywhere in the Xonthian world
  • Need more info on the Xonthian World? Take a look at it on World Anvil
  • Want to chat with us about the world and your idea? Contact us on the Fedowar Discord

Qualifying submissions must have never been published.

Quick Start Guide

Welcome to the world of Xonthian! A young medieval world filled with magic, sharp blades, and mysteries around every corner. From the world beginning, molded by the children of the cosmos, the gods see the world as a mortal plaything. Not every god however is invisible and sits silently by. Oblivious to the machinations of the elder gods, the world of Xonthian ages day by day in a slow, and sometimes painful rate of decay.

Xonthian is full of diverse cultures and creatures fitting any fantasy era. Tales are rich and full of love, life, death, and hate. Interested in telling a story set in Xonthian? What interests you? Is it the magical elegance of the elves hidden away in the Forest of Timilik? Or the hidden away Dwarves of Ice Stone Hall? What about the agile Atticatten? Perhaps the toils of humans’ brief life spans intrigue you?

Each of the factions has its own beliefs and home cities. Elves are secluded in the forests of Timilik, on Juan’kij, while the humans, the most abundant of the races, have spread across the world, with their main settlements being Cettera and Xonthian City. The Atticatten with their city, hidden high in the giant redwood trees on the eastern peninsula of Xecutran, in their city called Yente. The Dwarves, burrowed deep under the Shadow Mountains in a multi-leveled mine called Ice Stone Hall.

All the races of Xonthian have devout servants to their gods. Some stray from the path to follow other deities, but for the most part, each one is raised to revere gods from their home. Elves look to Sha’anne for guidance, while the Dwarves look to Rhok. Atticatten look to The Creator, while humans pray mostly to Gate’har.

Pay and Exclusivity

Participating authors will be paid $.01 per word. This equates to $100 for a 10k word story, or $10 per 1k words.
Because this is a shared world with intellectual property created by Daniel Dickinson, participating authors will grant Fedowar Press exclusive rights to the work for 5 years after publication.

How to submit?

  • Use our Submission form with the subject “Xonthian” in the Submission Type field.
  • Tell us a little bit about yourself in your query letter. For example:
    • Have we met? Remind us.
    • Do you have any writing credits?
    • What is your social media info?
    • Do you like dogs?
    • Include your genres, word count
  • Attach your story to the form. Make sure it is in standard manuscript format.
  • Stories will be reviewed after the close of the submission window. Please allow up to six weeks after the submission window closes for a response. After that, If you haven’t received a response, feel free to check-in for an update.


Still have questions? Please use our contact form, and someone will get back to you.