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C.J. Sampera

C.J. Sampera

C.J. Sampera is a 1st generation Cuban American author, artist, and father of 2 girls living in Southern California with his wife and 3 dogs. Ever since he can remember, C.J. has been obsessed with creating new worlds and characters, either in his head or on paper. In high school, he began honing his craft in Creative Writing and Poetry graduating with a Poet Laureate scholarship. Continuing his love of words and semantics, throughout college he studied hip-hop music and took his time weaving intricate lyrics and wordplay into his songs. He would rap for anyone that would listen to his weird, dark, and wordy flows. Now, C.J. writes books between putting his kids to bed and bussing them to school in the morning. As a lifelong lover of all things dark, gritty, and weird, C.J.’s work gravitates naturally to horror, fiction, & satire. He is also writing monsters into children’s picture books and scaring middle-grade readers with terrifying short fiction.

When C.J. isn’t writing he enjoys playing with his children, reading, drawing, painting, watching movies, making music with his brother, jumping into piles of his loving dogs, and going on library dates with the love of his life.

C.J. Sampera is the author and illustrator of Unsettling Legends and the author of the upcoming novel from Fedowar Press, Uncanny Valley Days.

Find out more about C.J. on Twitter, Instagram, TikTock, and Facebook.