Uncanny Valley Days

Uncanny Valley Days

By C.J. Sampera

Genre: Horror
Available: 10/12/2022
Rocked by grief and recurring apparitions of her dead brother, Olivia is losing her grip on reality and may have inadvertently invoked a cybernetic, serial-killing slasher demon. Or is it all in her head?

Olivia Peramo is a writer and an artist at heart, barista by trade who struggles with multiple mental health issues. All of which have only been intensified by the recent loss of both her parents and her older brother Alejandro. And to top it off, she may have just inadvertently invoked an evil entity with one passive-aggressive rage tweet.

Soon enough, the people that cross Olivia start winding up dead, and she’s being made to watch each grisly murder as they unfold. Is she part of some elaborate hoax? Is this sinister force really breaking her reality and murdering innocent people? Or has Olivia completely lost it and started killing them herself? Not to mention, the ghost of her dead brother keeps popping up every time she smokes a little weed.

Take a trip with Olivia and travel in between the liminal spaces of the void and the infinite webs that stretch the depths of cyberspace, to a place where technology and the metaphysical collide. Bringing forth a terrifying new take on modern slasher horror in Uncanny Valley Days.

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Pages: 208
ISBN-13 (Digital): 978-1-956492-19-4
ISBN-13 (Paperback): 978-1-956492-17-0
ISBN-13 (Hardcover): 978-1-956492-18-7