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Noelle Strommen

Noelle Strommen

Noelle Strommen is a writer of horror. She loves ghostly things, antiques, and anything unexplained. The first book she ever read was Stephen King’s The Stand. It is her favorite book to this day. She enjoys writing for the reluctant reader and often creates nontypical main characters. Her debut novel, The Frightful Tales of Louis & Lovely, mixes elements of spooky 80s horror with a fresh take on new urban legends.

In contrast to horror, Noelle has published several social-emotional picture books inspired by her two children. Noelle enjoys quality family time when she isn’t writing, listening to old CBS Mystery Theater Radio, and watching classic Twilight Zone episodes. She also enjoys cooking and curling up on the sofa with her five rescue pets.

Noelle Strommen is the author of The Frightful Tales of Louis & Lovely.

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