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The Frightful Tales of Louis & Lovely

The Frightful Tales of Louis & Lovely

by Noelle Strommen

Genre: Middle Grade Horror
Available: Summer 2023
When Louis and his precocious little sister Lovely move to the mysterious town of Woodhaven, they find things are not as they seem.  There’s a fortune teller warning of a dangerous journey, an otherworldly treehouse deep in the woods of their backyard, and a book called The Frightful Tales waiting for them.

Tempted by the book, Louis and Lovely choose to read one chilling story and unwittingly bring its legend to life. Now, if they wish to fix their mess, they’ll have to read all six Frightful Tales, combatting their new reality while learning dark family secrets along the way. If they can survive all six stories, their reality will reset and the world will go back to normal—or so they’ve been told.


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