Bounties, Beasts, and Badlands: Fantastic Tales of the Weird West

Bounties, Beasts, and Badlands: Fantastic Tales of the Weird West

Edited by D.W. Hitz

Genre: Weird West Speculative Fiction
Available: 8/24/2021
The western landscape holds awesome and spectacular secrets. Between prairies and mountains, deserts and canyons, strange things happen. These are five tales of the fantastic, from the old west to the dystopian future, that share a glimpse of what might be if land told all.


The Hattersfield Dilemma by B.K. Bass
When Samuel Shepherd and his crew hole up in the town of Hattersfield for the night, they don’t expect to find a town plagued with a mystery. And when they start picking that mystery apart, they find more lurking in the darkness than monsters.

Creeper’s Wreath by D.W. Hitz
When Malcolm escaped, he was running for his life. When he returns as a necromancer, it’s to rescue his love and settle an old debt.

Sheriff of the Dead by Jodi Jensen
A desert town full of zombies, a Marshall bent on their destruction, and the Sheriff of the Dead, determined to fight for their right to exist. Only a few will find sanctuary in Demise.

Freedom’s Bounty by Crystal L. Kirkham
Monster Bountyhunter, Ella Fitzgerald has tracked her latest target to a booming mining town in the wilds of the British Columbia mountains. When the trail goes cold, an odd stranger offers to help, and what they discover is more than either of them expected.

Red by Eric Lahti
Between the poison dust and the killer angels, Earth’s days look numbered. There’s just one person who might have a solution. They call her a witch, but in these dark days any chance for salvation is worth the risk.


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Pages: 356
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