D.W. Hitz

D.W. Hitz

D.W. Hitz lives in Montana, where the inspiring scenery functions as a background character in his work. He is a lover of stories in all mediums. He enjoys writing in the genres of Horror, Supernatural/Paranormal Thriller, and Science Fiction/Fantasy.

Originally from Norfolk, VA, D.W. has degrees in Recording Arts and Web Design and Interactive Media. He has been a creative his entire life. This creativity has driven him in writing, music, and web design and development. He aspires to tell stories that thrill the heart and stimulate the imagination.

When not writing, D.W. enjoys spending time with his family, hiking, camping, and playing with the dogs.

D.W. Hitz is a contributor to Star Crossed, Remnants: Volume One, Fedowar Holiday Horrors: Volume One, and Camp Slasher Lake Volume 1 and Volume 2.

D.W. Hitz is the author of They Stole the Earth!, Gods are Born, Brady, and Bloodtooth from Fedowar Press. He is also the author of the Big Sky Terror series from Evolved Publishing.

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