Dear Creator

Dear Creator

By Asta Geil

Genre: Contemporary Fantasy/Horror
Available: 11/1/2022
The apocalypse has come, and the Dear Creator is behind it. But what can humans really do in the face of godly injustice?

When the Dear Creator left 22 years ago, his son, Birdman, knew He would be back one day. He saw it in his visions: The floods of black tar-like blood, hot and oozing. The snowflakes falling slowly to the ground, then going up in flames. The bonfires made of corpses buzzing like beehives. The worst was the endless cries of the souls without bodies.

What he didn’t see was that his beloved Vallesia would be the one to set the Creator free.

Now her sister, Dahlia, is after justice. Her plan is to storm the Creator’s palace, demand answers, and punch him in the face. Meanwhile, Vallesia is slowly unraveling what has made Him angry enough to turn on His creation.

But what can we do in the face of godly injustice? Can we do anything at all?

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Pages: 324
ISBN-13 (Digital): 978-1-956492-22-4
ISBN-13 (Paperback): 978-1-956492-23-1
ISBN-13 (Hardcover): 978-1-956492-24-8