Fedowar Holiday Horrors: Volume One

Fedowar Holiday Horrors: Volume One

Created by D.W. Hitz

Genre: Horror
Available: 11/15/2021
Fedowar Press presents seven new stories of holiday horror. Between haunted homes, psychotic killers, Santa’s misguided minions, and cursed presents, these tales will creep you to the bone while pumping your heart rate higher and higher.


Not Another Blue Christmas by Micah Castle
A dark twist on the Hallmark holiday movie trope, “Not Another Blue Christmas” focuses on a socialite who travels home for the holidays, but when her car breaks down along the way she finds herself in a small town with holds weird horrors that she couldn’t have imagined.

The Oaks by David Dixon
“The Oaks” is the Willard family’s ancestral Georgian plantation, a plantation with a secret that’s only a secret to those who refuse to see, and a secret that carries with it the burden of a terrible curse. Blood must pay for blood.

The Dollhouse by Jason Herrington
Bonnie Hurtz is becoming increasingly concerned about her angered outbursts negatively affecting her seven-year-old daughter, Alexandra. When Bonnie’s distant brother, Seth, is suddenly able to join the family for Christmas in Santa Barbara, he brings a long-desired gift for his niece, an ornate dollhouse with questionable origins.

The Land of Taking and Killing by Carlton Herzog
On Christmas Eve, a family of psychotic killers goes head to head with a family of supernatural fiends. As the night progresses, a battle royal between resourceful humans, relentless witches, and zombies ensues.

Chester’s Cave by D.W. Hitz
After a Halloween conflict goes awry, Chester and his friends find themselves haunted by something they don’t understand. As time goes by, they find the truth is worse than any of them could have expected.

Time to Waste by Michael D. Nadeau
Ever wonder what you would change if you could time travel? What if I told you someone already had and we never knew it…

The Naughty List by Patrick Sessoms
The Hansson twins are about to learn that while nice boys and girls get gifts for Christmas, the naughty ones get something much worse. It’s a good thing they planned for this.

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Pages: 352
ISBN-13 (Digital): 978-1-956492-05-7
ISBN-13 (Paperback): 978-1-956492-03-3
ISBN-13 (Hardcover): 978-1-956492-04-0