Custer Falls Extreme Horror Omnibus (CFE1-4) – D.W. Hitz – Paperback


Custer Falls Extreme Horror Omnibus Paperback by D.W. Hitz
Custer Falls Extreme Horror Book 1-4
Adult Extreme Horror with graphic sex and violence, Hardback. Signed to the buyer.

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Custer Falls Extreme Horror Omnibus Paperback by D.W. Hitz
Custer Falls Extreme Horror Book 1-4
Adult Extreme Horror with graphic sex and violence, Paperback. Signed to the buyer.

About Custer Falls Extreme Horror Omnibus

In the small town of Custer Falls, Montana, strange things happen. Over the years, horrors have plagued the community, from bugs to demons to things from the old, forgotten realms. Horrors so extreme they do not belong in the heads of its citizens, and most will refuse to acknowledge they even happened. These are Custer Falls Extreme Horrors.

This omnibus edition includes a new short story as well as the following four novellas:

Larval Seeds
It’s summertime on Sully’s street. That means hours of doing nothing, reading comics, and being in love with his neighbor from afar. Then his drunken mom brings home a mysterious hookup.

She may have gotten the night of her life, but she had no idea what she was letting into her bed. And when Sully has to deal with her new friend, strange things happen. New feelings emerge, Sully’s mom falls apart, and he’s forced to choose between his carnal instincts and his humanity.

It’s a test of desire vs. love, body vs. mind, and man vs. bug. A lot of bugs…

Stay Out of the Tub
Nothing is more thrilling than moving into your dream home.

When Grant and Kelly Laskin have finally finished the renovation and added a new antique tub to their decor, they are over the moon. If only they knew where that tub came from.

After moving in, things go from bad to worse as the antique’s past races to catch up with the Laskin family. If they don’t discover the truth quickly, they may meet the same fate as its previous owner.

You’re Going to Die In Here
While Shelly DeShemp always knew her house was haunted, she never thought it was that bad. That was mostly because she hadn’t gone up to the third floor in years.

When Shelly’s ailing health forces her to bring in some outside help, she’s forced to reconcile two things: Her house was never what it seemed, and her new help may not be the gift she thinks it is.

Santa vs. Satan
All Danny Robinson wants for Christmas is a drone to help make his first horror movie. He has a few friends who can join him if they survive the holiday season.

What Satan’s general wants is a way to bring her army to Earth. But is Christmas the best time for world domination?

What Santa wants is a new Mrs. Claus. Some of that old bedroom magic’s gotten a little mundane, and her elf pot pie isn’t as good as it used to be.

Can Danny get his drone, or will Satan run free? And will Santa be able to save Christmas or be stuck with the same old pie?

Custer Falls Extreme Horror Omnibus is EXTREME HORROR containing graphic SEX, VIOLENCE, and GORE. You should not read this. You’ve been warned.

Publisher: Fedowar Press, LLC (February 26, 2024)
Publication date: February 26, 2024
Language: English
Pages: 506
Item Weight: 1.28 pounds
Dimensions: 5.5 x 1.14 x 8.5 inches

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