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Remnants: Volume One

Remnants: Volume One

Created by Stephen Coghlan

Genre: Survival Horror
Available: Fall 2021
Fedowar Press presents a new edition of an amazing anthology originally published by Kyanite Press. Remnants: Volume 1 is revised, re-edited, and includes 2 brand new tales of the remnants of humanity as they survive beyond the end of the world.

Strange clouds on the horizon herald the coming of the swarm. The undulating masses of the hoard cannot be stopped. Terrifying creatures roam the Earth, seemingly with no aim but to devour all that stands before them. Experience the end of the world as we know it with these sixteen tales of horror, survival, and hope. The world ends in a frenzy of death and miasma of terror, but what will become of the remnants of humanity?

Sixteen tales of post-apocalyptic survival horror!


Resistance by Stephen Coghlan
What will you do to save your soul when the world has gone to Hell?

First Swarm by J.D. Sanderson

Heatwave by Aaron Lee

Megan by J.D. Kellner
The scars of life live through even the apocalypse. The story ‘Megan’ follows a tortured marriage as the world burns around them and the only hope for survival is a bond that can only be found in death.

Against the Darkness by Stephen Coghlan
Deep inside a dying bunker, a small set of doomed survivors cling to one last flame of hope as they party against the encroaching darkness.

Love Song by Rachel Ford
First, the creatures came. Then the real monsters emerged.

The Brood by Ian Fairgrieve

The Other Side by Michael D. Nadeau

The Sheltered Isle by Benjamin Hope

Echoes of Faith by Alan Provance
A small group of survivors escaped the savagery visited upon their town, but now their food is dwindling, along with their hope. For those who dare risk journeying into town, what will protect them from the Horde?

The Badlands by Crystal L. Kirkham

Rian’s Path by D.W. Hitz

The Forgotten by A.A. Rubin

A Final Longing by Stephen Coghlan
Is it truly the apocalypse for human kind, or merely the next step in civilization’s evolution?

Plus 2 new stories!