Star Crossed

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Edited by Renée Gendron

Genre: Romantic Science Fiction
Available: 4/26/2021
An anthology of romantic science fiction inspired by a common theme of space, imagination, and connection.

All profits from Star Crossed will be donated to the International Red Cross. For more information on how the ICRC works across the world, please visit their information page.

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Far From Home by B.K. Bass
Descendants of humanity with a forgotten history orbit a distant star. When their first astronaut travels to a cloud- and mystery-shrouded moon, will he unlock a bright future or unveil secrets of their past?

Slow Recovery by Ian Martínez Cassmeyer
When Dr. Juan Ramos awakes in the starship medical bay, unable to recall how he ended up there, he becomes determined to regain his memories, but as he does, what other dark details will those memories reveal?

Branded by Renée Gendron
Sergeant Major Emerlynne Turner uncovers a plot to blow up Archimedes Station. Can she trust deep cover Station Constable Dallin Iliev with her heart?

Exiled by D.W. Hitz
After crash-landing on an alien planet, Keven must search for his missing love. The journey may bring him closer to her in ways neither of them expects.

The Arrangement by Pamela James
A young woman is at a crossroads. Does she choose a life good for her family, or good for her?

Ascension by Nikki Mitchell
Mysterious black objects hurtle into the planet, Terra, two decades after its inhabitants freed themselves from enslavement by another planet’s race. As the world around them falls to rock and fire, an ace lesbian couple must rely on their love for one another to stoke their determination to survive.

O, swear not by the moon by J.L. Peridot
A tale of a neurally entangled love that crosses the boundary between worlds.

Honor, Duty, Love by L. A. Stinnett
“Honor, Duty, Love” is the story of two lovers on the last day on his homeworld before they’re banished for good. They face an uncertain future but know their love will carry them through.

Edited by Renée Gendron
Cover design by J.L. Peridot

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Pages: 306
ISBN-13 (Digital): 978-1-7366865-4-6
ISBN-13 (Paperback): 978-1-7366865-5-3